Sellers: Don't Frighten Away Potential Buyers


                                                 In selling a house, it used to be location, location, location. 

But in this shifting market, it is pricing, pricing, pricing!  

When listing your home, be correctly priced in the market or in front of the market, if you want your home sold.  If your home is priced above the market you're chasing the market and, realistically, are not likely to sell.

To emphasize important points:  price too high and you won't see buyers, regardless of marketing efforts. Price too low and you potentially forfeit equity.  

It's a fine line which Gooden + Faircloth helps you walk professionally.   Are you considering placing your home on the market? 

We're confident you'll appreciate the quality and experience of Gooden + Faircloth.  A complimentary home evaluation is a solid first step.  Click Contact Us and introduce yourself.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Buyers:  We believe housing prices will come down slightly in coming months here in  Greater Charleston.   CNN Money, in a recent edition, predicted the same.  This is coupled with historically low interest rates. 

We are cautiously optimistic that the floor has been established here in the Low Country, though that is not the case is several other areas of the country, most notably in South Florida and Las Vegas where prices will fall further due to significant overbuilding and high foreclosures.

Your Home:  A Brand

We both want your home sold at the highest price, as fast as possible and with as little disruption possible to you and your family.  But, if we ONLY do the same standard yesterday listing thing we will get the same result. 

It is May 2009 and in this economy only smarter than 'standard yesterday' efforts get highest and quickest results.

The Gooden + Faircloth team is not just real estate agents, but agents who are also professional marketers with decades of marketing and sales experience.   Our experience has involved working, consulting, marketing or selling the services of companies like HGTV, Disney, Fox News and ScheduALL Software.   It is from that expertise that we can create a powerful brand for your home. 

The result?   Your home stands out, buyers are attracted and offers follow.   

80% of buyers and 100% of agents who will consider your home begin their search online.   To successfully sell your home, we will take you there with a powerful, engaging, well-crafted and well-branded message.

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